Alexander Varlamov

Owner & IT-Consultant

During the past decade I had the opportunity to perform a wide range of roles in the IT industry, acquiring unique insights individual to each position. Working on various projects involving a variety of disciplines has given me the chance to obtain valuable knowledge that goes beyond the scope of IT topics. A fusion of this knowledge and experience enables me to offer a unique and innovative skill set in every project.

  • MSc. in Computer Science (Frankfurt University)
  • BSc. in Computer Science with a minor in Bioinformatics
  • Over 10 years of professional experience

Over the years I have established tight professional and personal relationships with skilled professionals from various fields, including information technology, finance, scientific research, marketing, design and the list goes on. This professional network includes contacts in Germany as well as various countries in Western and Eastern Europe, the US and the Middle East.

Our cooperation enables us to offer a very broad range of professional services in multiple foreign languages across Europe and remotely even across the globe.